Java Locale List

java locale list
Here is a complete list of Locales in Java. This list is compiled using the mighty java.text.SimpleDateFormat class.

The class SimpleDateFormat provides a method getAvailableLocales() which gives array of java.util.Locale objects. This is java locale list. We can iterate over this list and get all relevant information about these locales.

By the way, the above tag cloud image is generated using all java locales. If you interested here’s how to generate your own tag cloud: Generate Tag Cloud

Getting Locales List in Java

Following java program will print the list of all locales.

import java.text.SimpleDateFormat;
import java.util.Locale;
public class Java_Locale_List {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
		//returns array of all locales
        Locale locales[] = SimpleDateFormat.getAvailableLocales();
		//iterate through each locale and print 
		// locale code, display name and country
        for (int i = 0; i < locales.length; i++) {
            System.out.printf("%10s - %s, %s \n" , locales[i].toString(), 
				locales[i].getDisplayName(), locales[i].getDisplayCountry());

Below is the java local list in tabular format for your reference.

Java Locale List

Sr. Locale Language Country
1 ms_MY Malay (Malaysia) Malaysia
2 ar_QA Arabic (Qatar) Qatar
3 is_IS Icelandic (Iceland) Iceland
4 fi_FI Finnish (Finland) Finland
5 pl Polish
6 en_MT English (Malta) Malta
7 it_CH Italian (Switzerland) Switzerland
8 nl_BE Dutch (Belgium) Belgium
9 ar_SA Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Saudi Arabia
10 ar_IQ Arabic (Iraq) Iraq
11 es_PR Spanish (Puerto Rico) Puerto Rico
12 es_CL Spanish (Chile) Chile
13 fi Finnish
14 de_AT German (Austria) Austria
15 da Danish
16 en_GB English (United Kingdom) United Kingdom
17 es_PA Spanish (Panama) Panama
18 sr Serbian
19 ar_YE Arabic (Yemen) Yemen
20 mk_MK Macedonian (Macedonia) Macedonia
21 mk Macedonian
22 en_CA English (Canada) Canada
23 vi_VN Vietnamese (Vietnam) Vietnam
24 nl_NL Dutch (Netherlands) Netherlands
25 es_US Spanish (United States) United States
26 zh_CN Chinese (China) China
27 es_HN Spanish (Honduras) Honduras
28 en_US English (United States) United States
29 fr French
30 th Thai
31 ar Arabic
32 ar_MA Arabic (Morocco) Morocco
33 lv Latvian
34 de German
35 in_ID Indonesian (Indonesia) Indonesia
36 hr Croatian
37 en_ZA English (South Africa) South Africa
38 ko_KR Korean (South Korea) South Korea
39 ar_TN Arabic (Tunisia) Tunisia
40 in Indonesian
41 ja Japanese
42 sr_RS Serbian (Serbia) Serbia
43 be_BY Belarusian (Belarus) Belarus
44 zh_TW Chinese (Taiwan) Taiwan
45 ar_SD Arabic (Sudan) Sudan
46 pt Portuguese
47 is Icelandic
48 ja_JP_JP_#u-ca-japanese Japanese (Japan,JP) Japan
49 es_BO Spanish (Bolivia) Bolivia
50 ar_DZ Arabic (Algeria) Algeria
51 ms Malay
52 es_AR Spanish (Argentina) Argentina
53 ar_AE Arabic (United Arab Emirates) United Arab Emirates
54 fr_CA French (Canada) Canada
55 sl Slovenian
56 es Spanish
57 lt_LT Lithuanian (Lithuania) Lithuania
58 sr_ME_#Latn Serbian (Latin,Montenegro) Montenegro
59 ar_SY Arabic (Syria) Syria
60 ru_RU Russian (Russia) Russia
61 fr_BE French (Belgium) Belgium
62 es_ES Spanish (Spain) Spain
63 bg Bulgarian
64 iw_IL Hebrew (Israel) Israel
65 sv Swedish
66 en English
67 iw Hebrew
68 da_DK Danish (Denmark) Denmark
69 es_CR Spanish (Costa Rica) Costa Rica
70 zh_HK Chinese (Hong Kong) Hong Kong
71 zh Chinese
72 ca_ES Catalan (Spain) Spain
73 th_TH Thai (Thailand) Thailand
74 uk_UA Ukrainian (Ukraine) Ukraine
75 es_DO Spanish (Dominican Republic) Dominican Republic
76 es_VE Spanish (Venezuela) Venezuela
77 pl_PL Polish (Poland) Poland
78 ar_LY Arabic (Libya) Libya
79 ar_JO Arabic (Jordan) Jordan
80 it Italian
81 uk Ukrainian
82 hu_HU Hungarian (Hungary) Hungary
83 ga Irish
84 es_GT Spanish (Guatemala) Guatemala
85 es_PY Spanish (Paraguay) Paraguay
86 bg_BG Bulgarian (Bulgaria) Bulgaria
87 hr_HR Croatian (Croatia) Croatia
88 sr_BA_#Latn Serbian (Latin,Bosnia and Herzegovina) Bosnia and Herzegovina
89 ro_RO Romanian (Romania) Romania
90 fr_LU French (Luxembourg) Luxembourg
91 no Norwegian
92 lt Lithuanian
93 en_SG English (Singapore) Singapore
94 es_EC Spanish (Ecuador) Ecuador
95 sr_BA Serbian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Bosnia and Herzegovina
96 es_NI Spanish (Nicaragua) Nicaragua
97 sk Slovak
98 ru Russian
99 mt Maltese
100 es_SV Spanish (El Salvador) El Salvador
101 nl Dutch
102 hi_IN Hindi (India) India
103 et Estonian
104 el_GR Greek (Greece) Greece
105 sl_SI Slovenian (Slovenia) Slovenia
106 it_IT Italian (Italy) Italy
107 ja_JP Japanese (Japan) Japan
108 de_LU German (Luxembourg) Luxembourg
109 fr_CH French (Switzerland) Switzerland
110 mt_MT Maltese (Malta) Malta
111 ar_BH Arabic (Bahrain) Bahrain
112 sq Albanian
113 vi Vietnamese
114 sr_ME Serbian (Montenegro) Montenegro
115 pt_BR Portuguese (Brazil) Brazil
116 no_NO Norwegian (Norway) Norway
117 el Greek
118 de_CH German (Switzerland) Switzerland
119 zh_SG Chinese (Singapore) Singapore
120 ar_KW Arabic (Kuwait) Kuwait
121 ar_EG Arabic (Egypt) Egypt
122 ga_IE Irish (Ireland) Ireland
123 es_PE Spanish (Peru) Peru
124 cs_CZ Czech (Czech Republic) Czech Republic
125 tr_TR Turkish (Turkey) Turkey
126 cs Czech
127 es_UY Spanish (Uruguay) Uruguay
128 en_IE English (Ireland) Ireland
129 en_IN English (India) India
130 ar_OM Arabic (Oman) Oman
131 sr_CS Serbian (Serbia and Montenegro) Serbia and Montenegro
132 ca Catalan
133 be Belarusian
134 sr__#Latn Serbian (Latin)
135 ko Korean
136 sq_AL Albanian (Albania) Albania
137 pt_PT Portuguese (Portugal) Portugal
138 lv_LV Latvian (Latvia) Latvia
139 sr_RS_#Latn Serbian (Latin,Serbia) Serbia
140 sk_SK Slovak (Slovakia) Slovakia
141 es_MX Spanish (Mexico) Mexico
142 en_AU English (Australia) Australia
143 no_NO_NY Norwegian (Norway,Nynorsk) Norway
144 en_NZ English (New Zealand) New Zealand
145 sv_SE Swedish (Sweden) Sweden
146 ro Romanian
147 ar_LB Arabic (Lebanon) Lebanon
148 de_DE German (Germany) Germany
149 th_TH_TH_#u-nu-thai Thai (Thailand,TH) Thailand
150 tr Turkish
151 es_CO Spanish (Colombia) Colombia
152 en_PH English (Philippines) Philippines
153 et_EE Estonian (Estonia) Estonia
154 el_CY Greek (Cyprus) Cyprus
155 hu Hungarian
156 fr_FR French (France) France
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  1. Mojtaba Zarezadeh says:

    what about Persian(Farsi) and Iran?

    • hamid says:

      As always we iranians are a challenge :)
      I think sun and oracle as US compamies woulnd support the persian world.

      • Prateek Ashtikar says:

        The locale for the Poland is: pl_PL – Polish (Poland), Poland

        • sanan says:

          jTextComponent.getInputContext().selectInputMethod(new Locale(“fa”, “IR”));


  2. ErJot says:

    Hi Viral,
    It’s good article, but I’m from Poland and empty cell in country in 5th row is not really cool. Please complete this row ;)
    With regards,

    • Viral Patel says:

      @ErJot :) I noticed that.. but somehow Java does not give getDisplayCountry() for Poland. Not good :(

  3. Sai says:

    nice article

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