WAMP Server not getting started problem

wamp server logoI was trying to start WAMP server on my local machine and strangely it was not getting started! Everytime I tried to click “Start All Services” it just ignored it.

I checked Windows Logs under Event Viewer:

Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application

It seems the Apache service was not getting started and following log was getting printed.

The Apache service named  reported the following error:
>>> Unable to open logs     

Whenever the webserver is not getting started the first culprit is to see if the default http port (80) is already in use by some other service.

Well the guess is correct in this case. Skype was the culprit! By default, Skype tries to use port 80 (http) and 443 (https) for incoming connections. Disable this option in skype and your WAMP server is all set to go.

In Skype, goto Tools > Options… > Advanced > Connection and uncheck the checkbox which says “Use Port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections”


Restart Skype after doing above changes and restart WAMPserver. Your WAMP is up again!! :)

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  1. John King says:

    Just want to say thanks for this. I have been suffering intermittent WAMP issues for a while now and had no idea it was a conflict with SKYPE. You’ve saved me a lot of ‘turn it off and on again’ moments.

    Have a great day!

  2. Lakshmanan says:

    thanks for the solution that worked for me..

  3. om gupta says:

    in my laptop wamp server is not working in the local user account .it work only in administrator account but i want to run wamp server in local user account because i do not have administrator access right pls help me how can i run wamp server in my local user account..

  4. abhidutz says:

    problem is with new services that use port 80. stop that service
    detials here http://youtu.be/bTiX4Ka25TU

  5. ShoShan says:

    helped… keep posting…

  6. tushar says:

    In windows 8.1 there are no such options. what to do?

  7. Krishnan says:

    Awesome…thanks this helped…

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