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Facebook: Facts you probably didnt know

Facebook: Facts you probably didnt know
Have you ever wondered how Facebook has grown rapidly in these recent years! Here is a wonderful info about Facebook. Image courtesy:

Say Hello to WordPress 3.0!

Finally the much awaited version of the most popular blogging software has arrived. WordPress 3.0 release has been just announced. WordPress 3.0 is the result of six months of work from a total of 218 different contributors who have contributed for 1,217 bug fixes and feature enhancement. WordPress MU, the multi-user version of WordPress is now ...

Did Twitter Forget to Update its Copyright Year?

Did Twitter Forget to Update its Copyright Year?
I noticed a strange thing today on Twitter's homepage. Its already end of the first month of 2010 and Twitter's homepage is still showing Copyright year 2009!! I don't know if they have done this purposefully or just forgot to update the year. See the below screenshot. ...

Finally Apple Unveiled its Tablet, The iPad (Video)

After months of speculations and rumors its finally here. Apple has added another weapon in its arsenal, the iPad. In a grand Apple press conference at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco today, Apple's very own Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad. It features multi-touch interaction with multimedia formats including newspapers, magazines, ebooks, textbooks, ...

R.I.P Sun: James Gosling paying Respects

The European Commission on Thursday approved Oracle Corp.'s acquisition of Sun Microsystems after regulators were assuaged over the fate of an open-source database, James Gosling have paid respect to Sun Microsystem on his blog. Please go to his blog and pay your respect to Sun.

Firefox 3.6 Released: With New CSS Gradient Feature

Mozilla has finally released Firefox 3.6, the newest version of its popular browser after months of testing. New Firefox is 20% faster than Firefox 3.5, according to Mozilla. It uses Gecko 1.9.2 web-rendering, which improves its load times, startup speed and stability. Javascript execution is faster and smoother as well. There’s also autocomplete form functionality and ...

Google Takes on China; Will Stop Censoring Results

Google Takes on China; Will Stop Censoring Results
A highly targeted attack on Google China and 20 other high profile companies including Adobe Systems has led to a major controversy. The attack that hit Google in mid December originated in China and was targeted to get email credentials of human right activists who are advocates of human rights in China based in Europe, America ...

Google’s First Animated Doodle for Newton’s Anniversary

Google changes its logo frequently to celebrate events such as birth anniversaries of well known people, holiday seasons etc. These logos are known as Google Doodle. Today Google is celebrating 366th birthday of Sir Isaac Newton and they have changed the logo on their website. But this time they have added an animated doodle of falling apple....

WordPress 2.9 is out. Get your copy now

Wordpress 2.9 is out. Get your copy now
To all my fellow bloggers who use the great Wordpress as the blogging platform. Its time to upgrade your wordpress installation to the latest release of Wordpress, 2.9. The Upgrade Automatically option in your Wordpress Admin panel will be showing the latest version 2.9 now. So go and upgrade it now. Let us ...

GO: Google Launches its own Programming Language

Google never stop doing new things and so it is so successful too. Innovation is the key in success of Google. Whether it is Google OS or Google Wave, it is always trying new and new things. Now one more feather in Google's cap. Google just launched a programming language GO, an ...
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